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We are now seeking agents for our new Excel based bookkeeping software. Many accountancy firms are tied in with Sage which is understandable however it is not always practical for smaller firms to enter into such an arrangement owing to the amount of time and resources that have to be put aside to train a member of staff to use and set up Sage in their clients business.

We are therefore offering you the opportunity to act as our agent in your area. Below we have set out the package we our offering to agents that you will notice does not require any cost or risk to yourself

· Full suite of bookkeeping programs. (Single User)
· Adequate training at your premises.
· Full backup telephone support.
· Link to your practise on our web site
· 25 % discount on every package purchased.

We anticipate the selling cost for the complete suite of programs to be £600 for a single user license and telephone support for 12 months at 15 % of purchase price.

Chartered Solutions bookkeeping software follows traditional methods of working that will be familiar to accountants and bookkeepers alike. The program was written by accountants who were fed up receiving their clients records either in shoe boxes or ream after ream of print outs from over complicated nominal ledger programs that the client didn't know how to use and which left the accountant with a major task to extract the figures he needed. In both these cases what is really needed is an accurate record of the transactions for the period in question that are presented in such a way that makes the preparation of statutory accounts simple and better still under your control not the clients.

The client benefits in that they get a bookkeeping system that does everything they need it to and you benefit from reducing unbillable hours spent on incomplete records.


If you are interested please fill in the enquiry form stating your interest in acting as an agent and we will get back to you as soon as possible.